Congratulations on having a baby!

How to order birth cookies:

We understand the significance of welcoming a new addition to your family. These cookies make for a perfect gesture of appreciation to offer your guests for dropping by during the birth week or as a little present to present when meeting the newborn.

To ensure timely delivery, we recommend placing your birth cookie order a few months or a weeks before your due date (or before the baby arrives, if it's a gift). This ensures that you won't have to wait for availability in our schedule, so you won't be caught without a gift for the first visitors during the birth week.

To place your order, you can choose a design from our ready-to-order page or submit a custom cookie design request by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Let us know you due date, the desired quantity, design and the text you want on the cookies. So we can leave a spot free in our schedule around that date. We will handle the payment details before hand, so once the baby has arrived, you only need to notify us. In most cases, we'll have your cookies ready within a few days. Also, these cookies can be conveniently shipped, so you won't have to visit our store to collect them.

For more details check the FAQ on this page.

Cookies we've got to make:

Kelly Nederlof

We got to make these cute pink floral cookies for the birth of baby Elfie Fé.

Emilie Sobels

Green splash cookies (and one bear) for baby Beer.

The plain serrated heart cookies

Our best selling birth cookies in light pink for baby Mila Olivia.

Most frequently asked questions about our birth cookies:

How far in advance should we place an order for birth cookies?

To ensure you have birth cookies on time, we recommend placing your order a few weeks to a few months in advance. Due dates are not always precise, and a baby may arrive earlier than anticipated. In case you place an order after the baby is born, please note that you may need to wait for a spot to open in our schedule. This may take a few weeks and you might miss out on having the cookies during the birth weeks.

Do we already need to tell you the baby's name for on the cookie?

It's not mandatory to provide us with the baby's name right away. Rest assured, we'll keep it a secret. You can either inform us straight away or when the baby is born. However, if you plan on giving your child a longer name, it would be helpful to let us know the number of letters in advance. This is because certain cookie shapes may not accommodate longer names.

For how long will the cookies stay fresh?

Each of our cookies are individually packed in a sealed plastic bag to ensure freshness. This method helps keeping the cookies in good condition for 1-3 months if stored in a cool (not a fridge) and dark box. Direct sunlight will make the colours of the cookie fade. 

Can you deliver our birth cookies?

Yes! All our cookies can be shipped. Postal costs are in place.

Can you make the birth cookies allergen-free?

While we strive to fulfill your cookie preferences to the best of our abilities, but please note that we currently only offer "regular" cookies made with eggs, butter, sugar and wheat.

What is the starting price of the birth cookies?

Our starting price for birth cookies is €29.50 (ready-to-order cookies) or €32.50 (custom orders) per 10 cookies. Additional charges for decoration, such as pressed flowers or gold leaf, and design customization are calculated based on extra costs and the time spent. For ready-to-order cookies, you'll see the final price on the product page. For custom orders, you can refer to the prices of the add-ons. Please note that certain cookie shapes require more time to make, and so may cost more as a result.

Custom order form birth cookies:

We're excited to create some custom birth cookie for you! Please fill out the order form below with as much detail as possible, specifying that it's for birth cookies and providing your due date. Please note that the minimum order for custom cookies is 20 pieces, and the starting price is €65. Once you've entered the quantity and any add-ons, you'll get an estimated price for your cookies. Please be aware that additional charges may apply for more time-intensive designs or if you want to add elements that aren't on our add-on list. We can also create a custom cookie cutter or stamp if you would like a specific shape or imprint. However, keep in mind that at Elisabeth & Valentijn, we have a distinct cookie style, and we may not take on all requests if they don't align with our aesthetic.