Have a specific cookie in mind for your celebration?

Our bespoke cookies are perfect for birthday parties and baby showers, logo biscuits for corporate events, and personalized party favors.

How to order custom-made cookies:

Please fill in the order form below as completely as possible. The price depends on the features of the cookies. When you fill in the quantity & add on's you will get an idea of what price the cookies will be. The minimum order for custom cookies is 20 pieces, and the starting price will be €65. Extra costs will apply when the cookie design is time intensive or you want to add design elements not in the add-on list. Kindly keep in mind that we at elisabeth & valentijn like to make a specific cookie style, so we will not take on all cookie requests if we feel they aren't in line with our style.

If you want a cookie in a custom shape or, for example, with your company logo, we can make a custom cookie cutter or stamp.

All custom cookie orders must be made at least two weeks before your pick-up date. When you also want a custom cutter/stamp, the order time is about four weeks before pick-up. Cookies can be sent via mail; postal costs start at €6,95.

Delivery is only possible for orders over €500. All cookies are individually sealed in a see-thru plastic bag allowing them to stay fresh for up to 1-3 months.